LDAP Profile management service https://profile.hackerspace.pl
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LDAPWeb aka profile.hackerspace.pl


No configuration is required to see and change your own profile and password.

To test admin pages, notifications, and avatars, you need to configure these environment variables:

  • LDAPWEB_ADMIN_DN - LDAP user DN, e.g. uid=radex,ou=people,dc=hackerspace,dc=pl
  • LDAPWEB_ADMIN_PASSWORD - password to the above LDAP user
  • LDAPWEB_SMTP_USER - username with a @hackerspace.pl mailbox, e.g. radex
  • LDAPWEB_SMTP_PASSWORD - password to the above mailbox
  • LDAPWEB_ADMIN_GROUPS - comma-separated LDAP groups allowed to see admin pages (note that every user has a group with the same name), e.g. radex,zarzad
  • LDAPWEB_PAPERTRAIL_RECIPIENTS - comma-separated email addresses that will get email alerts for changes done via admin UI

See webapp/config.py for more details.

(Note that you don't need to be an LDAP admin to be able to hack on this - you just won't see all attributes, and won't be able to change other people's profiles)

Quick Start

poetry install
poetry run flask --app webapp run -p 5001 --debug

Open app at localhost:5001

To test changing password locally, you must add HACKERSPACE.PL realm to your /etc/krb5.conf. See krb5.conf for an example

Quick Start (Dockerized)

docker build -t ldapweb .
docker run -p 8000:8000 ldapweb

Open app at localhost:8000


Build Docker imagine manually and bump https://code.hackerspace.pl/hswaw/hscloud/src/branch/master/hswaw/ldapweb/prod.jsonnet