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   19:11 <msgctl> woju: you never go to 5G https://youtu.be/_0nbRYIBVDQ?t=195


This is fake "administration interface", which is "accidentally" discovered as
captive portal ("Sign in to the WiFi network") served by ``MASZT 5G TEST 200%
MOCY`` network connected to by the conspiracy theorist determined to uncover the
truth about 5G.

Implemented as simple Flask app on uWSGI and Nginx, for the limited amount of
dynamic content (like current date, in the future maybe some info about
connected device). In reference deployment uses openwrt as AP+router for captive
portal redirection.


* confirmation of various conspiracy theories about:
  * 5G base stations spreading coronavirus
  * chemtrails
  * world government


on captive portal host

.. code-block:: sh

   git clone https://code.hackerspace.pl/woju/fiveg /srv/www/maszt.5g
   ln -s "$PWD"/contrib/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/fiveg.conf
   ln -s "$PWD"/contrib/uwsgi.ini /etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled/fiveg.ini
   systemctl restart uwsgi nginx

on OpenWrt host

This has to be done manually, and better be. The files in
:file:`contrib/openwrt/config/{*}` should be appended to their respective
counterparts in :file:`/etc/config`. :file:`contrib/openwrt/firewall.user`
should be copied/appended to :file:`/etc/firewall.user`