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A new beta version is avaiable.
Look under the Marlin_v1 branch. We also made a tag that you can download.

This firmware is a mashup between Sprinter, grbl and many original parts.

 - Interrupt based movement with real linear acceleration
 - High steprate
 - Look ahead (Keep the speed high when possible. High cornering speed)
 - Interrupt based temperature protection
 - preliminary support for Matthew Roberts advance algorithm 
   For more info see: http://reprap.org/pipermail/reprap-dev/2011-May/003323.html

This firmware is optimized for gen6 electronics.

The default baudrate is 250000. 
This gives less communication errors then regular baudrates.


Configuring and compilation

Install the arduino software version 0018

Install the sanguino software, version 0018

Install pronterface

Copy the Marlin firmware
   (Use the download button)

Start the arduino IDE.
Select Tools -> Board -> Sanguino 
Select the correct serial port in Tools ->Serial Port
Open Marlin.pde

Change the printer specific setting in Configuration.h to the correct values.

The following values are the most important:
 - float axis_steps_per_unit[]....         // Set the correct steps / mm in the corresponding field
 - const bool ENDSTOPS_INVERTING = false;  // Change if only positive moves are executed
 - #define INVERT_x_DIR true               // Change if the motor direction is wrong

Click the Upload button
If all goes well the firmware is uploading

Start pronterface

Select the correct Serial Port. Type 250000 in the baudrate field.
Press the Connect button

Known issues

On some systems we get compilation errors.

This is caused by the "wiring_serial.c" and "wiring.c".
The simple fix is to delete these files but this may have a performance impact.

The best workaround is to move these files to sanguino directory. 
(".../arduino-0018/hardware/Sanguino/cores/arduino/" on windows systems)