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Because there is not enough general inventory software invented here yet. Please use Python3, for the love of $deity...


Quick start

  1. Run:
    ln -s docker-compose.dev-override.yml docker-compose.override.yml
    docker-compose up --build
  2. Run docker-compose run --rm web python manage.py createsuperuser -- now you can dev authenticate w/o SSO

Build & run

docker-compose up --build

# if you need to reset built static files and/or postgres database:
docker-compose up --build --renew-anon-volumes


New docs (WIP):

Spejstore is a simple inventory system made for Warsaw Hackerspace purposes. Includes some features very specific to hswaw requirements, which are:

  • Label printing and label-system support (via django-rest-api api views and SPEJSTORE_LABEL_API env variable), using the spejstore-labelmaker software
  • Publically viewing all items and requiring users to sign in view oauth to manage inventory via django-admin
  • Authorizing label printing via local network only, see SPEJSTORE_LAN_ALLOWED_ADDRESS_SPACE env variable

Currently inventory is deployed under inventory.waw.hackerspace.pl, with a Beyondspace NGINX configuration, which allows the inventory to be accessible from outside of the Warsaw Hackerspace network with a necessary oauth authorization, but does not allow printing of labels without physically being in the local network of HSWAW.