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This is another reincarnation of HSWAW Dalek IO interface - this time around based on ESP32.

  • //hw - contains basic IO schematic
  • //src (...and the rest) - contains ESP-IDF+platformio-based ESP32 project

Building and running

Create src/config.priv.h based on src/config.priv.h.dist with proper network credentials, then check src/main.c for GPIO assignments.

pio run -t upload -t monitor -e esp32dev


ESP32 exposes plain TCP server on port 1337 (check USB-UART output for currently assigned IP address) and passes ASCII/Unicode input/output data through to TTY line. Multiple clients receive copy of all the data and can send data simultaneously.

Motor should start up only when there's an active TCP connection - wait a couple of seconds before sending data to ensure motor is up and running.

Basic text wrapping is implemented - ie. newline is automatically appended every 69 characters - handle this on client-side to properly support word wrap.

Check Baudot ↔ ASCII/Unicode conversion routines in src/baudot.c for supported characters.