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HSWAW's signs and labels, explaining how things work (both in the technical and culture sense), and aiding in organization of the physical space. Not included are inventory system labels.


These labels have been made by different authors over the years in various ways (including using proprietary software). They are collected in this repo verbatim for posterity.

Long term goal is to migrate and standardize on a universal, easy to use use open standard. Ideally a text-based for Git-friendliness. Inkscape SVG, perhaps.

Update: As of 2024-02, we're testing Method-Draw as the canonical way to make signage.


  • //room/* - labels for specific physical rooms
  • //common - generic labels
  • //announcements - public service announcements that only apply for a specific period of time
  • **/OLD - outdated/unused labels, kept for posterity

Label Sizes

Zebra - Large label

4x6 inches (100x152mm). Recommended 5mm margin.

Zebra - Medium label


DYMO - Small label

89x36mm. Recommended 5x3mm margins.