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q3k 83e2690070 lelegram: stuckness fixes, timeout
Change-Id: I3c1ad4e589ea66db846a56aab8a2c1698bdee539
2020-01-23 14:18:25 +01:00
q3k 083b176f74 factorio: bump, allow mods
Change-Id: I5604bda27a54205f4e11578cf0efa7ac66115ac9
2020-01-22 21:48:22 +01:00
q3k 9377313ae0 lelegram: irc conn deadlock fix
Change-Id: I04b479c6ecb7e34cfcc5b8e43c6315893252e4e5
2020-01-22 21:47:25 +01:00
q3k 9937146d25 personal/q3k: bump factorio
Change-Id: Id472ad9fffd09917b040ce8572b760862b4fcd2f
2020-01-14 13:47:26 +01:00
q3k effafe9032 teleimg: allow underscores and hyphens in file id
Change-Id: I6f6cdd3a13cdbed41f57c40ac1b2e46c4707be32
2020-01-05 22:31:39 +01:00
q3k a07688fe74 lelegram: mutually exclude multimedia
Change-Id: I6c300e8627c825f5b2f1281efc8f4c33574289f7
2020-01-05 21:21:07 +01:00
q3k a885488fd0 lelegram: init
This is an IRC/Telegram bridge.

It does multi-account puppet-like access to IRC making everyone's life

Compared to teleirc it also:
 - is smarter about converting messages
 - uses teleimg for public image access
 - is not written in JS

Experimental for now.

Change-Id: I66ba3f83abdfdea6463ab3be5380d8d3f2769291
2020-01-05 21:01:07 +01:00
q3k c315aaccc7 teleimg: init
This is a shitty small proxy to unfuck telegram's bot image URLs, ie. do
not add content-disposition and send a proper MIME in content-type.

It also does some local caching and hides the Telegram API token.

Change-Id: I0afb29ca3f1807a13fa157fdcf486ee4c857f08d
2020-01-05 20:59:17 +01:00
q3k 31058185df personal/q3k: 'production' openrct2 game
Change-Id: I9b0fd29dd4e8a6c2cac3aaceabbdba07de0faf1b
2019-11-24 02:39:47 +01:00
q3k 262c6e0361 personal/q3k: add openrct2
Change-Id: I2526d75c577be6712342a60cc5c7c90b21d5242d
2019-11-24 02:39:47 +01:00
q3k 5f9b1ecd67 rules_pip: update to new version
rules_pip has a new version [1] of their rule system, incompatible with the
version we used, that fixes a bunch of issues, notably:
 - explicit tagging of repositories for PY2/PY3/PY23 support
 - removal of dependency on host pip (in exchange for having to vendor
 - higher quality tooling for locking

We update to the newer version of pip_rules, rename the external
repository to pydeps and move requirements.txt, the lockfile and the
newly vendored wheels to third_party/, where they belong.

[1] - https://github.com/apt-itude/rules_pip/issues/16

Change-Id: I1065ee2fc410e52fca2be89fcbdd4cc5a4755d55
2019-09-25 14:05:07 +02:00
q3k ddfd6591f8 *: bump docker images and storage pools
This brings all core services back to life after The Failure.

Change-Id: I98b0c104c66fa11f646864018356e9c3a226a1f9
2019-08-11 23:42:47 +02:00
q3k 1f3674fafa annoyatron: temp fix
Change-Id: Ib70425f69b9ea5811c1adff3316789c5d5042d82
2019-08-08 17:49:39 +02:00
q3k 169996cb5b Merge "cursed django example" 2019-07-30 11:08:53 +00:00
q3k 0a275da86d personal/q3k/annoyatron: init
Change-Id: I130ed08b753cad95114df48328206adc8afeb0c1
2019-07-29 01:21:31 +02:00
q3k 902d86006c cursed django example
Change-Id: I09ac506f53c25f5427f3d35d5efa4f40c83f48f9
2019-07-21 17:22:40 +02:00
q3k 7fb4acb690 app/factorio -> personal/q3k/factorio
Change-Id: I92be6a726aef306f6f4de4e5a91defa86cda81fc
2019-07-21 15:07:07 +00:00
q3k 96a528b2c9 personal/q3k: add django-admin
Also add Django and uwsgi to requirements, and bump rules_pip to fix https://github.com/apt-itude/rules_pip/issues/14

Change-Id: I78eb3af019897c4c9630987649a9ffacd979145c
2019-07-21 15:11:18 +02:00