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radex f5844311eb */kube: Add kube.SimpleIngress
Change-Id: Iddcac629b9938f228dd93b32e58bb14606d5c6e5
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1745
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2023-10-28 17:55:48 +00:00
q3k 97b5cd7b58 go: re-do the entire thing
This is a mega-change, but attempting to split this up further is
probably not worth the effort.


1. Bump up bazel, rules_go, and others.
2. Switch to new go target naming (bye bye go_default_library)
3. Move go deps to go.mod/go.sum, use make gazelle generate from that
4. Bump up Python deps a bit

And also whatever was required to actually get things to work - loads of
small useless changes.

Tested to work on NixOS and Ubuntu 20.04:

   $ bazel build //...
   $ bazel test //...

Change-Id: I8364bdaa1406b9ae4d0385a6b607f3e7989f98a9
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1583
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2023-09-22 21:50:19 +00:00
q3k 7631880620 *: remove java/minecraft
Change-Id: Id2b1e69dcad240d7ef8a80b844531ef862e27dd2
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1582
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2023-09-01 16:50:48 +00:00
q3k b6504238e7 *: add gomod placeholders for generated files
Change-Id: I8a4824ff31590185cd45fd43cc065bb8e2fa7bb2
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1580
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2023-09-01 16:50:48 +00:00
informatic 7e841065b0 *: post-certmanager manifests update
Change-Id: I745c850268c31777c5722a9833c8152a55615aed
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1512
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2023-06-19 21:20:44 +00:00
q3k f157fbfb08 openrct2: new map
Change-Id: If8130391e17b87aa4396983d3aefa43c477a4f55
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1203
2021-12-13 22:30:46 +00:00
q3k 39942ccc50 q3k: random stuff from local git checkout
Change-Id: I497a3ca080ac2124d05f49bb8bee5766254134b4
2021-08-29 18:21:39 +02:00
q3k 3e5f4382df minecraft: enable command blocks on ctm map
Change-Id: Ie6b6c58d7e920a62908d8d8f0c0291bbf5c666f4
2021-07-21 17:22:44 +00:00
Remigiusz Marcinkiewicz ff79daaf44 minecraft: switch CTM server to vanilla MC
Change-Id: I8189b7c544ba3c7ae3a62fdd4105119e9d18317a
2021-07-21 15:51:59 +00:00
q3k f0a38ba761 minecraft: allow enleth@ to administer namespace
Change-Id: I149a01b5d216f112f3e4a90da1e833bca5712777
2021-07-21 14:57:37 +00:00
q3k 4afed98e4e minecraft: add CTM server
Change-Id: Ic4590bbab4cdbefe0db05f1026363b11f7973794
2021-07-21 14:42:14 +00:00
q3k 2f712bf531 personal/q3k: cleanup script for b/32 (owncloud postgres)
Change-Id: I7a330d460763d99bfbd736cecae33c0df7a41aae
2021-07-10 16:53:59 +00:00
q3k e7f4cc121a games/factorio: move jsonnet from //personal/q3k
We also remove the definition of two instances that are long since dead.

Change-Id: I0cd83321403053cb72837da1497842109eeacd2b
2021-06-12 21:59:16 +00:00
q3k 3df9d0c082 personal/q3k/shipstuck: free! for now.
Change-Id: Ie4125396a328b5bb05dea88b6d49d79360221905
2021-03-29 14:26:08 +00:00
q3k ec1aa355fe personal/q3k/shipstuck: fix caching log (why did go let me do this?)
Change-Id: I1c299af41e0bccd33b2a180602a1b6c5d942ffc8
2021-03-29 13:40:59 +00:00
q3k a4ae66b4ac personal/q3k/shipstuck: add TOWED
Change-Id: I3348fc0730a66c3c64df00f6d3051656bf12e587
2021-03-29 13:38:45 +00:00
q3k e9c56b581f personal/q3k/shipstuck: science
Change-Id: I382004def6a490e5bfc8a9e8b30b6d9890b633b0
2021-03-28 20:05:10 +00:00
q3k 5da0494b3b personal/q3k/shipstuck: fix time of incident
istheshipstillstuck.com is wrong!

Change-Id: Ie0c7c29d97f620f294a307e950e4d590fbca1e79
2021-03-27 16:37:22 +00:00
q3k 5c1ab3c62d personal/q3k/shipstuck: fix detection
Change-Id: I888eaa95c0012830219bd06fd4d16e66204e2e1d
2021-03-27 15:58:16 +00:00
q3k 3d116b2952 personal/q3k: door^Wship stuck
Change-Id: I189fc13971d46790634804c3fa1b54e2c4788273
2021-03-27 15:44:15 +00:00
q3k 747c0fcd88 django leftovers yeet
Change-Id: I8999152a630c3c8dcf56f7c0e80a0ee5474e9236
2021-02-15 22:11:00 +01:00
q3k 495cdaf7d5 personal/q3k: yeet djtest
We don't care about Django anymore, and we don't want/have uwsgi.

Change-Id: I42860ce3d046ba253085dcd6b09d2d67ce4abbbb
2021-02-14 14:45:20 +00:00
q3k 9173333e6c minecraft: bump paper to 1.16.4
Change-Id: I73e799440df07de4bb1bdd31c01d07f4db0f1e2f
2020-12-06 18:57:51 +01:00
q3k 7ea8e472ad wow: implement spaceapi
Change-Id: I4b9f08801ae37d2b85de9b089bf09731cfd7dbe6
2020-12-04 10:48:37 +01:00
q3k 54d0e977e5 wow: rejigger AH
Change-Id: I3876a93fb054f8ac476f3b1ff162c2a8952cac9e
2020-12-04 02:36:21 +01:00
q3k 1572e52c19 wow: init
This is a shitty MMORPG server. Private. Do not touch.

Change-Id: Iddfce069f5895632d305a73fcaa2d963e25dc600
2020-12-03 23:21:37 +01:00
q3k 4e8622df35 djtest: use pyelftools to find uwsgi ld.so
Change-Id: I54bdaa588ff15d8c6ca73c4307076a93a5682d78
2020-09-25 21:00:11 +00:00
q3k 0581bbf8a0 games/factorio: add modproxy
This adds a mod proxy system, called, well, modproxy.

It sits between Factorio server instances and the Factorio mod portal,
allowing for arbitrary mod download without needing the servers to know
Factorio credentials.

Change-Id: I7bc405a25b6f9559cae1f23295249f186761f212
2020-08-14 13:03:46 +02:00
q3k 791ab6d1a5 factorio: bump to 1.0.0
Change-Id: I24c96e556ae4054fb1b25e671341f2cb671010c2
2020-08-14 10:35:28 +00:00
q3k 970b7687f3 factorio: bump all to 0.18.40
Change-Id: Iaf9b28ce6fed9ba791075307ee3e75f218267d23
2020-08-04 20:33:25 +02:00
q3k bbb1623cb7 q3k/minecraft: bump prod to 1.16.1
Change-Id: I4926d17f1d7c07aa3a2c922481be4645291124f3
2020-08-01 10:05:11 +00:00
implr cae27ecd99 Replace rules_pip with rules_python; use bazel built upstream grpc
instead of Python packages

As usual with Python sadness, the @pydeps wheels are built on the bazel
host, so stuffing them inside a container_image (or py_image) will cause
new and unexpected kinds of misery.

Change-Id: Id4e4d53741cf2da367f01aa15c21c133c5cf0dba
2020-07-08 18:55:34 +02:00
wasiumpks aca02f63d3 update to 1.16.1
Change-Id: Ia2051c518023260c8a30a9142213d2c536d3c0a7
2020-06-28 11:02:30 +02:00
q3k 0ae0728ea8 Merge "third_party/factorio: init" 2020-06-04 21:45:55 +00:00
wasiumpks 2a788d392a rename dockerfile for spigot and add dockerfile for paper
Change-Id: If70ee79f7aeba8c51a869a6b8b0f049bc08be357
2020-06-03 15:50:15 +02:00
q3k f316932930 personal/q3k/minecraft: add and deploy bridge
Change-Id: Ie191690414840668f31f3de4cdf809b35c610248
2020-05-18 23:47:37 +02:00
q3k 7fa92b4029 personal/q3k/minecraft: expose port 2137 (gRPC plugin)
Change-Id: I0816d63f0307c6ca7cafcd752e93e857e6a41f7f
2020-05-17 23:07:19 +00:00
q3k 32f8a58236 personal/q3k: add minecraft plugins
Also drive-by modify WORKSPACE to add required deps.

Also drive-by update deps in WORKSPACE.

Also drive-by remove old stackb/proto library from WORKSPACE (only used
in cccampix, which is dead, and stackb/proto should be replaceable by
the main grpc lib by this point).

Change-Id: I7ac7fe2237e859dc1c45bf41a016174ed8e9ee71
2020-05-17 23:06:42 +00:00
q3k 480505768d third_party/factorio: init
We turn the existing experimental BUILD file into a nicely abstracted
starlark rule generator, for generating both external repositories and
container build rules from a single source of truth.

We also add 0.18.22 (which we already pushed via :push_latest).

Change-Id: I521d6e5cb9447eaf6f237671b7ef07d621cd9c77
2020-05-18 00:46:31 +02:00
Rafał Hirsz 12ab93ac7e personal/q3k/minecraft: add worldedit+worldguard
This assumes that a new Docker image will be built at tag spigot-1.15.2-r3.

Change-Id: Ia230510d2400faa3631bde99a96366d72e69a4bd
2020-05-16 21:09:04 +02:00
q3k 6a0b75bd84 personal/q3k/minecraft: enforce whitelist on main server
Change-Id: I7edf0babd476b7aeb92551ea62ccffa2c79a13a1
2020-05-16 21:05:09 +02:00
q3k d1ccdcff3d personal/q3k/minecraft: init
Change-Id: I39585afa33411f2a58185469015aed3b2b4dcdeb
2020-05-06 20:35:48 +02:00
q3k 154baf1cf6 personal/q3k/factorio: add pymods server
Change-Id: I080ae267ea3afc19ae7d65ca458f71206bb6ed4e
2020-04-05 21:32:02 +02:00
q3k 6e985c4530 personal/q3k/factorio: fix deploy selectors
Change-Id: Id116da7d2486f2a2a5206fe1f8b79283a545c4d2
2020-04-01 02:21:45 +02:00
q3k 59786c5dfa personal/q3k/factorio: bump, add ds
Change-Id: I15dbbfdd911fb61fc5769443ef4f2e862cf6c7e1
2020-04-01 02:05:42 +02:00
Serge Bazanski d7bc2ad53d well akshually
Change-Id: I597e4a7c3419e2fe5fb255618c5ec97176d7a5d4
2020-03-26 15:13:09 +01:00
Serge Bazanski 56c74ff0c2 personal/q3k/test: test
Change-Id: I84e827e1ff9a446749fe58b065f9441bc2019d3b
2020-03-26 15:12:30 +01:00
q3k 540663904b personal/q3k/factorio: bump
Change-Id: I2a93d24f85d7517a1e2b6247668c5ae63f4e2732
2020-03-25 10:48:52 +01:00
Michal Zagorski 5b1aa134fe personal/q3k/lelegram: changes by zagura
* Log high verbose debug messages
  * New cli parameter irc_login
  * Change regex for IRC nicks
  * IRC channel names case insensitive
  * IRC usernames truncated to 9 chars without Telegram suffix

Signed-off-by: Michał Zagórski <zagura6@gmail.com>
Change-Id: Ifa32279580a4378cc3b9e255f0311216998e02c9
2020-03-02 12:01:10 +01:00
q3k e048331e25 teleimg: fix RE for IRC names
Change-Id: Ief1bda751553361bcbbd18031205ae70804f1dd4
2020-02-02 16:58:57 +01:00