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2013.01.02 Codename: GIULIA
* Add support for ComedyCentral clips <nto>
* Corrected Vimeo description fetching <Nick Daniels>
* Added the --no-post-overwrites argument <Barbu Paul - Gheorghe>
* --verbose offers more environment info
* New info_dict field: uploader_id
* New updates system, with signature checking
* New IEs: NBA, JustinTV, FunnyOrDie, TweetReel, Steam, Ustream
* Fixed IEs: BlipTv
* Fixed for Python 3 IEs: Xvideo, Youku, XNXX, Dailymotion, Vimeo, InfoQ
* Simplified IEs and test code
* Various (Python 3 and other) fixes
* Revamped and expanded tests