[YoutubeDL] Fallback to ie_key of matching extractor while making download archive id when no explicit ie_key is provided (#19022)

Sergey M․ 2019-02-02 05:44:31 +07:00
parent b6423e6ca2
commit e9fef7ee4e
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1 changed files with 13 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -2060,15 +2060,21 @@ class YoutubeDL(object):
self.report_warning('Unable to remove downloaded original file')
def _make_archive_id(self, info_dict):
video_id = info_dict.get('id')
if not video_id:
# Future-proof against any change in case
# and backwards compatibility with prior versions
extractor = info_dict.get('extractor_key')
extractor = info_dict.get('extractor_key') or info_dict.get('ie_key') # key in a playlist
if extractor is None:
if 'id' in info_dict:
extractor = info_dict.get('ie_key') # key in a playlist
if extractor is None:
return None # Incomplete video information
return extractor.lower() + ' ' + info_dict['id']
# Try to find matching extractor for the URL and take its ie_key
for ie in self._ies:
if ie.suitable(info_dict['url']):
extractor = ie.ie_key()
return extractor.lower() + ' ' + video_id
def in_download_archive(self, info_dict):
fn = self.params.get('download_archive')
@ -2076,7 +2082,7 @@ class YoutubeDL(object):
return False
vid_id = self._make_archive_id(info_dict)
if vid_id is None:
if not vid_id:
return False # Incomplete video information