[extractor/common] Fallback url to base URL for DASH formats

Sergey M․ 2019-03-06 00:33:08 +07:00
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commit e5ada4f3ad
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@ -108,7 +108,10 @@ class InfoExtractor(object):
for HLS - URL of the M3U8 media playlist,
for HDS - URL of the F4M manifest,
for DASH - URL of the MPD manifest,
for DASH - URL of the MPD manifest or
base URL representing the media
if MPD manifest is parsed from
a string,
for MSS - URL of the ISM manifest.
* manifest_url
The URL of the manifest file in case of
@ -2134,7 +2137,8 @@ class InfoExtractor(object):
bandwidth = int_or_none(representation_attrib.get('bandwidth'))
f = {
'format_id': '%s-%s' % (mpd_id, representation_id) if mpd_id else representation_id,
'url': mpd_url,
# NB: mpd_url may be empty when MPD manifest is parsed from a string
'url': mpd_url or base_url,
'manifest_url': mpd_url,
'ext': mimetype2ext(mime_type),
'width': int_or_none(representation_attrib.get('width')),