[googledrive] Use redirect URLs for source format (closes #18877, closes #23919, closes #24689, closes #26565)

Sergey M․ 2020-09-13 20:43:50 +07:00
parent 95c9810015
commit da2069fb22
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1 changed files with 19 additions and 8 deletions

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@ -220,19 +220,27 @@ class GoogleDriveIE(InfoExtractor):
'id': video_id,
'export': 'download',
urlh = self._request_webpage(
source_url, video_id, note='Requesting source file',
errnote='Unable to request source file', fatal=False)
def request_source_file(source_url, kind):
return self._request_webpage(
source_url, video_id, note='Requesting %s file' % kind,
errnote='Unable to request %s file' % kind, fatal=False)
urlh = request_source_file(source_url, 'source')
if urlh:
def add_source_format(src_url):
def add_source_format(urlh):
'url': src_url,
# Use redirect URLs as download URLs in order to calculate
# correct cookies in _calc_cookies.
# Using original URLs may result in redirect loop due to
# google.com's cookies mistakenly used for googleusercontent.com
# redirect URLs (see #23919).
'url': urlh.geturl(),
'ext': determine_ext(title, 'mp4').lower(),
'format_id': 'source',
'quality': 1,
if urlh.headers.get('Content-Disposition'):
confirmation_webpage = self._webpage_read_content(
urlh, url, video_id, note='Downloading confirmation page',
@ -242,9 +250,12 @@ class GoogleDriveIE(InfoExtractor):
r'confirm=([^&"\']+)', confirmation_webpage,
'confirmation code', fatal=False)
if confirm:
add_source_format(update_url_query(source_url, {
confirmed_source_url = update_url_query(source_url, {
'confirm': confirm,
urlh = request_source_file(confirmed_source_url, 'confirmed source')
if urlh and urlh.headers.get('Content-Disposition'):
if not formats:
reason = self._search_regex(