[YoutubeDL] Apply expand_path after output template substitution

os.path.expandvars translates '%%' into '%' making output template invalid.
Before: '%%(ext)s' -(expand path)-> '%(ext)s' -(outtmpl subst.)-> 'mp4'
After: '%%(ext)s' -(outtmpl subst.)-> '%(ext)s' -(expand path)-> '%(ext)s'
Sergey M․ 2017-04-16 01:39:07 +07:00
parent 51350db5a3
commit d35dc344af
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@ -672,8 +672,7 @@ class YoutubeDL(object):
r'%({0})s'.format(numeric_field), outtmpl)
tmpl = expand_path(outtmpl)
filename = tmpl % template_dict
filename = expand_path(outtmpl % template_dict)
# Temporary fix for #4787
# 'Treat' all problem characters by passing filename through preferredencoding
# to workaround encoding issues with subprocess on python2 @ Windows