[test_utils] Add tests for malformed JSON handling in js_to_json

Sergey M․ 2018-01-20 22:58:48 +07:00
parent c384d537f8
commit c707b1d828
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@ -891,6 +891,10 @@ class TestUtil(unittest.TestCase):
on = js_to_json('{42:4.2e1}')
self.assertEqual(json.loads(on), {'42': 42.0})
def test_js_to_json_malformed(self):
self.assertEqual(js_to_json('42a1'), '42"a1"')
self.assertEqual(js_to_json('42a-1'), '42"a"-1')
def test_extract_attributes(self):
self.assertEqual(extract_attributes('<e x="y">'), {'x': 'y'})
self.assertEqual(extract_attributes("<e x='y'>"), {'x': 'y'})