[utils] Introduce YoutubeDLError base class for all youtube-dl exceptions

Pierre Mdawar 2016-10-17 14:38:37 +03:00 committed by Sergey M
parent 049a0f4d6d
commit bf5b9d859a
1 changed files with 18 additions and 9 deletions

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@ -701,7 +701,12 @@ def bug_reports_message():
return msg
class ExtractorError(Exception):
class YoutubeDLError(Exception):
"""Base exception for YoutubeDL errors."""
class ExtractorError(YoutubeDLError):
"""Error during info extraction."""
def __init__(self, msg, tb=None, expected=False, cause=None, video_id=None):
@ -742,7 +747,7 @@ class RegexNotFoundError(ExtractorError):
class DownloadError(Exception):
class DownloadError(YoutubeDLError):
"""Download Error exception.
This exception may be thrown by FileDownloader objects if they are not
@ -756,7 +761,7 @@ class DownloadError(Exception):
self.exc_info = exc_info
class SameFileError(Exception):
class SameFileError(YoutubeDLError):
"""Same File exception.
This exception will be thrown by FileDownloader objects if they detect
@ -765,7 +770,7 @@ class SameFileError(Exception):
class PostProcessingError(Exception):
class PostProcessingError(YoutubeDLError):
"""Post Processing exception.
This exception may be raised by PostProcessor's .run() method to
@ -773,15 +778,16 @@ class PostProcessingError(Exception):
def __init__(self, msg):
super(PostProcessingError, self).__init__(msg)
self.msg = msg
class MaxDownloadsReached(Exception):
class MaxDownloadsReached(YoutubeDLError):
""" --max-downloads limit has been reached. """
class UnavailableVideoError(Exception):
class UnavailableVideoError(YoutubeDLError):
"""Unavailable Format exception.
This exception will be thrown when a video is requested
@ -790,7 +796,7 @@ class UnavailableVideoError(Exception):
class ContentTooShortError(Exception):
class ContentTooShortError(YoutubeDLError):
"""Content Too Short exception.
This exception may be raised by FileDownloader objects when a file they
@ -799,12 +805,15 @@ class ContentTooShortError(Exception):
def __init__(self, downloaded, expected):
super(ContentTooShortError, self).__init__(
'Downloaded {0} bytes, expected {1} bytes'.format(downloaded, expected)
# Both in bytes
self.downloaded = downloaded
self.expected = expected
class XAttrMetadataError(Exception):
class XAttrMetadataError(YoutubeDLError):
def __init__(self, code=None, msg='Unknown error'):
super(XAttrMetadataError, self).__init__(msg)
self.code = code
@ -820,7 +829,7 @@ class XAttrMetadataError(Exception):
self.reason = 'NOT_SUPPORTED'
class XAttrUnavailableError(Exception):
class XAttrUnavailableError(YoutubeDLError):