[options] Remove output template description from --help

Same reasons as for --format
Sergey M․ 2016-08-18 23:59:13 +07:00
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commit 8b2dc4c328
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@ -628,22 +628,7 @@ def parseOpts(overrideArguments=None):
'-o', '--output',
dest='outtmpl', metavar='TEMPLATE',
help=('Output filename template. Use %(title)s to get the title, '
'%(uploader)s for the uploader name, %(uploader_id)s for the uploader nickname if different, '
'%(autonumber)s to get an automatically incremented number, '
'%(ext)s for the filename extension, '
'%(format)s for the format description (like "22 - 1280x720" or "HD"), '
'%(format_id)s for the unique id of the format (like YouTube\'s itags: "137"), '
'%(upload_date)s for the upload date (YYYYMMDD), '
'%(extractor)s for the provider (youtube, metacafe, etc), '
'%(id)s for the video id, '
'%(playlist_title)s, %(playlist_id)s, or %(playlist)s (=title if present, ID otherwise) for the playlist the video is in, '
'%(playlist_index)s for the position in the playlist. '
'%(height)s and %(width)s for the width and height of the video format. '
'%(resolution)s for a textual description of the resolution of the video format. '
'%% for a literal percent. '
'Use - to output to stdout. Can also be used to download to a different directory, '
'for example with -o \'/my/downloads/%(uploader)s/%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s\' .'))
help=('Output filename template, see the "OUTPUT TEMPLATE" for all the info'))
dest='autonumber_size', metavar='NUMBER',