[jsinterp] Avoid double key lookup for setting new key

In order to add a new key to both __objects and __functions dicts on jsinterp.py, it is
necessary to first verify if a key was present and if not, create the key and
assign it to a value.

However, this can be done with a single step using dict setdefault method.
Lucas Moura 2016-06-18 17:01:47 -03:00 committed by Sergey M․
parent 589568789f
commit 7c05097633
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@ -131,9 +131,8 @@ class JSInterpreter(object):
if variable in local_vars:
obj = local_vars[variable]
if variable not in self._objects:
self._objects[variable] = self.extract_object(variable)
obj = self._objects[variable]
obj = self._objects.setdefault(
variable, self.extract_object(variable))
if arg_str is None:
# Member access
@ -204,8 +203,7 @@ class JSInterpreter(object):
argvals = tuple([
int(v) if v.isdigit() else local_vars[v]
for v in m.group('args').split(',')])
if fname not in self._functions:
self._functions[fname] = self.extract_function(fname)
self._functions.setdefault(fname, self.extract_function(fname))
return self._functions[fname](argvals)
raise ExtractorError('Unsupported JS expression %r' % expr)