[options] Mention ISM for --fragment-retries and --skip-unavailable-fragments

Sergey M․ 2017-03-28 23:35:48 +07:00
parent aea1dccbd0
commit 12ee65ea0d
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@ -459,11 +459,11 @@ def parseOpts(overrideArguments=None):
dest='fragment_retries', metavar='RETRIES', default=10,
help='Number of retries for a fragment (default is %default), or "infinite" (DASH and hlsnative only)')
help='Number of retries for a fragment (default is %default), or "infinite" (DASH, hlsnative and ISM)')
action='store_true', dest='skip_unavailable_fragments', default=True,
help='Skip unavailable fragments (DASH and hlsnative only)')
help='Skip unavailable fragments (DASH, hlsnative and ISM)')
action='store_false', dest='skip_unavailable_fragments',