Never used TFTP server for a Xen cluster at HSWAW.
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Copyright, Michael P. Soulier, 2006.

About Release 0.4:
This release adds a TftpServer class with a sample implementation in bin.
The server uses a single thread with multiple handlers and a select() loop to
handle multiple clients simultaneously.

Only downloads are supported at this time.

About Release 0.3:
This release fixes a major RFC 1350 compliance problem with the remote TID.

About Release 0.2:
This release adds variable block sizes, and general option support,
implementing RFCs 2347 and 2348. This is accessible in the TftpClient class
via the options dict, or in the sample client via the --blocksize option.

About Release 0.1:

This is an initial release in the spirit of "release early, release often".
Currently the sample client works, supporting RFC 1350. The server is not yet
implemented, and RFC 2347 and 2348 support (variable block sizes) is underway,
planned for 0.2.

About Tftpy:

Tftpy is a TFTP library for the Python programming language. It includes
client and server classes, with sample implementations. Hooks are included for
easy inclusion in a UI for populating progress indicators. It supports RFCs
1350, 2347 and 2348.

This library was developed against Python 2.3.

Project page:

License is the CNRI Python License.

See COPYING in this distribution.

- Server only supports downloads.
- Client only supports downloads.
- Only 'octet' mode is supported
- The only option supported is blksize


Michael P. Soulier <>