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This library implements the tftp protocol, based on rfc 1350.
At the moment it implements only a client class, but will include a server,
with support for variable block sizes.
As a client of tftpy, this is the only module that you should need to import
directly. The TftpClient and TftpServer classes can be reached through it.
import sys
# Make sure that this is at least Python 2.3
required_version = (2, 3)
if sys.version_info < required_version:
raise ImportError, "Requires at least Python 2.3"
from tftpy.TftpShared import *
from tftpy.TftpPacketTypes import *
from tftpy.TftpPacketFactory import *
from tftpy.TftpServer import *
from tftpy.TftpStates import *