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q3k ccfa43fcd5 We actually need this. 2012-11-14 15:39:51 +01:00
q3k 6c1db01775 Get rid of client stuff. 2012-11-14 13:03:26 +01:00
Michael P. Soulier 792e849d20 Merge remote branch 'jawschwa/master' into merge 2012-09-30 21:52:18 -04:00
Jay Weisskopf 39b877258b Allow file objects to be used for download output or upload input.
Objects are considered file-like if they have read() or write()
functions. If they do not, they are assumed to be strings to a local
path (existing behavior).
2012-05-03 01:24:25 -05:00
Fabian Knittel 017688d836 minor clean-up: remove duplicate dyn_file_func setting
`self.dyn_file_func` is currently set twice: Once in the base class and once in
the server child class.  As it's only used in the non-server case, remove it
from the base class.
2012-04-26 20:53:06 +02:00
Michael P. Soulier 04aaa2ef9f Fixing issue #3, expanding unit tests. 2011-07-24 17:37:16 -04:00
Michael P. Soulier 40977c6f74 Fixing some pyflakes complaints 2011-07-23 23:28:45 -04:00
Michael P. Soulier add444006c Fixes issue #23, breaking up TftpStates into TftpStates and TftpContexts. 2011-07-23 23:20:53 -04:00