Updating metadata for 0.6.0 release.

Michael P. Soulier 2011-07-24 19:10:34 -04:00
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commit a5a42a3cc4
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2011-07-24 Michael P. Soulier
04aaa2e: Fixing issue #3, expanding unit tests.
2011-07-23 Michael P. Soulier
40977c6: Fixing some pyflakes complaints
add4440: Fixes issue #23, breaking up TftpStates into TftpStates and TftpContexts.
949c998: Fixing issue #9, removing blksize option from client if not supplied.
a43773e: Fixing issue #16 on github, server failing to use timeout time in checkTimeout() method.
1e74abf: Adding retries on timeouts, still have to exhaustively test. Should close issue #21 on github.
2011-06-02 Michael P. Soulier
6fd9391: Fixing a file descriptor leak. Closes issue 22.
f6442eb: Adding a server download state test to the unit tests.
2010-10-18 Kenny Millington
a6cff4f: Fix exceptions propagating out of TftpServer.listen()
71d827d: Allow dyn_file_func to trigger a FileNotFound error.
2010-10-13 Michael P. Soulier
4396124: Forcing decode mode to lower case, fixes bug 17.
2010-07-20 Michael P. Soulier
45185ed: Fixing setNextBlock to roll over at 2**16 - 1 instead of 2**16, which was causing problems when uploading large files.
2010-07-14 Michael P. Soulier
e1b1be2: Updating README for 0.5.1
4f61f7f: Updated changelog for 0.5.1.
e35cd2d: Added simple doc examples and install info.
2010-07-12 Michael P. Soulier

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Copyright, Michael P. Soulier, 2010.
About Release 0.6.0:
Maintenance update to fix several reported issues, including proper
retransmits on timeouts, and further expansion of unit tests.
About Release 0.5.1:
Maintenance update to fix a bug in the server, overhaul the documentation for

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from distutils.core import setup
description='Python TFTP library',
author='Michael P. Soulier',