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* Refactor for better configuration and node managementPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-1210-367/+0
* Add at screenPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-122-0/+77
* Separate config from state, cleanupPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-085-40/+81
* Better thread error handlingPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-082-2/+4
* Fix weather formatting and parsingPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-082-4/+4
* Add misery module, fix unknown weather iconPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-084-8/+102
* Add weather last update, room temperature and datePiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-083-14/+32
* Add weather and time screenPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-084-8/+106
* Initial commitPiotr Dobrowolski2017-01-072-0/+37