BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/cythonFix bitcoin payments by adding blockcypher tokenvoltar1318 months
master*: deployment fixesPiotr Dobrowolski8 weeks
usb-interfacecheck in usb-interface firmware and hardware filesPiotr Dobrowolski8 weeks
v2mdb: Increase cashless purchase counter only when we have tx idPiotr Dobrowolski3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-06-22*: deployment fixesHEADmasterPiotr Dobrowolski6-12/+62
2020-06-22Revert "module.nix: run as root"Piotr Dobrowolski3-6/+24
2020-06-22Merge branch 'master' of into usb-int...Piotr Dobrowolski21-22/+423
2020-06-21check in usb-interface firmware and hardware filesusb-interfacePiotr Dobrowolski27-0/+78943
2020-06-21WIP vending v2 with serial backendPiotr Dobrowolski4-19/+27
2020-02-23module.nix: run as rootSergiusz Bazanski3-24/+6
2020-02-23*: fixes for 64-bit RPi3 via NixOSSergiusz Bazanski2-4/+19
2020-02-23module.nix: initSergiusz Bazanski2-0/+111
2020-02-23default.nix: implementSergiusz Bazanski7-1/+146
2020-02-23hack: pull changes from old rpiSergiusz Bazanski8-23/+69