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+Heads build requires pretty standard GNU/Linux install with few
+additional tools. On GNU/Linux Debian, you should do:
+ # apt-get install vitualbox squashfs-tools git genisoimage syslinux
+Download Tails ISO image to upstream/ folder and make sure the filename
+matches the UPSTREAM_ISO_NAME variable in the Makefile. Currently the
+make command has to be executed with superuser privileges, thus do
+ $ sudo make setup
+to unpack the Tails image into work/ (automatically created). Then
+ $ sudo make chroot
+to make changes to the image. Finally, do
+ $ sudo make image
+to build the new ISO from the working dir. ISO should appear as
+Known issues
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+Before attempting to build Heads, download the newest stable Tails ISO
+here (don't forget to verify the image) and make sure the filename
+corresponds to the UPSTREAM_ISO_NAME variable in the Makefile.