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hscloud monorepo

This is the main git repository for all HSWAW cloud related code.

Building stuff

No bazel yet :^).

# get the monorepo
go get -d code.hackerspace.pl/hscloud

# install compile-time utilities
sudo apt install protobuf-compiler
go install code.hackerspace.pl/hscloud/go/vendor/github.com/golang/protobuf/protoc-gen-go
go install code.hackerspace.pl/hscloud/go/vendor/github.com/gobuffalo/packr/packr

# generate protos and packr boxes
go generate code.hackerspace.pl/hscloud/...

# install all services into PATH
go install code.hackerspace.pl/hscloud/go/svc/...

Running stuff in {dev,prod}

TODO(q3k): document this


Everything that's not in go/vendor is licensed under the terms of the ISC license, see COPYING next to this file.