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This is hackdoc, a documentation rendering tool for monorepos.

This is the first code iteration, that can only serve from a local git

The code is incomplete, and is WIP.

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hscloud is the main monorepo of the Warsaw Hackerspace infrastructure code.

Any time you see a //path/like/this, it refers to the root of hscloud, ie. the path path/like/this in this repository. Perforce and/or Bazel users should feel right at home.

Viewing this documentation

For a please web viewing experience, see this documentation in hackdoc. This will allow you to read this markdown file (and others) in a pretty, linkable view.

Getting started

You will need Bash and Bazel (1.2.0+). Clone this repo, cd into it and:

. ./env.sh       # setup PATH and hscloud_root
tools/install.sh # build tools

A bunch of common tools will appearify in your $PATH. You should now be ready to follow other documentation.

This does not pollute your system, and you can work on multiple hscloud checkouts independently.

What now?

If you want to use our Kubernetes cluster to run some stuff, see //cluster/doc/user.

If you're looking for administrative docs about cluster maintenance, see //cluster/doc/admin.

If you want to browse the source of hscloud in a web browser, use gerrit's gitiles.

If you want to learn how to contribute to this repository, see //doc/codelab/gerrit.