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# Library to interact with the active hscloud checkout. This supersedes the
# hscloud_root environment variable once used in hscloud.
# Some of this could be implemented in Python instead of shelling out to a Go
# binary - but that way we have a single source of truth, even if it's janky.
# To use:
# from tools.hscloud import lib as hscloud
# And specify deps = [ "//tools/hscloud:python" ] in py_binary.
import subprocess
from rules_python.python.runfiles import runfiles
r = runfiles.Create()
def tool_location():
Return an absolute path to a built //tools/hscloud binary, ready to run.
rloc = r.Rlocation("hscloud/tools/hscloud/hscloud_/hscloud")
if rloc is None:
raise Exception("Could not find location of hscloud - are you in a valid checkout?")
return rloc.strip()
def workspace_location():
"""Return an absolute path to the hscloud checkout."""
return subprocess.check_output([tool_location(), "workspace"]).decode().strip()
def must_rlocation(runfile):
"""Return an absolute path to a runfile, eg. a data depndency in sh_binary."""
rloc = r.Rlocation(runfile)
if rloc is None:
msg = f"Could not find runfile {runfile}"
manifest = os.environ.get("RUNFILES_MANIFEST_FILE", "")
if manifest != "":
msg += f"; manifest file: {manifest}"
raise Exception(msg)
return rloc.strip()