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Spartan web interface for the term database of our IRC bot (ood/oof/klacz).

Go rewrite of a shitty old Python script that q3k wrote and hosted on his own infra. Now productionized!

Building and Running

bazel build //hswaw/oodviewer
bazel run //hswaw/oodviewer -- -postgres 'postgres://ood:password@host/ood'

Production deployment

Runs on k0, connects to ood's database on boston. Serves from https://oodviewer.q3k.me/.

To deploy:

bazel run //hswaw/oodviewer:push
# update //hswaw/oodviewer/prod.jsonnet with new image name
kubecfg update prod.jsonnet


Beg and borrow ood admins for psql credentials. Keep in mind that you will not be able to access the production database over the Internet - either develop on Boston or run a port forward over SSH.