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q3k 97b5cd7b58 go: re-do the entire thing
This is a mega-change, but attempting to split this up further is
probably not worth the effort.


1. Bump up bazel, rules_go, and others.
2. Switch to new go target naming (bye bye go_default_library)
3. Move go deps to go.mod/go.sum, use make gazelle generate from that
4. Bump up Python deps a bit

And also whatever was required to actually get things to work - loads of
small useless changes.

Tested to work on NixOS and Ubuntu 20.04:

   $ bazel build //...
   $ bazel test //...

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matrix well-known server

This is a small service that runs alongside a Matrix Synapse in order to direct traffic to it via .well-known/matrix/*.

We currently satisfy two URLs formats:


This is automatically ran as part of the kubernetes machinery for Synapse. See //app/matrix/lib/matrix.libsonnet for more information.