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q3k adbf560851 devtools: bump up depotview mem limit
It used to be at 128Mi, which is a bit small considering this clones
hscloud into memory.

This is a quick fix, a better thing to do would be to have some storage
for depotview to clone into, instead of serving fully from RAM.

Change-Id: I619d39a0d61f5de9bdeef1f46262c78ea33a19fc
2021-01-22 18:38:43 +01:00
q3k fb8a5ce6f8 devtools: bump to Go 1.15.5
Change-Id: Ib6d60478a49776c719ab3f05aa43c497be82d5f2
2020-11-27 09:37:49 +00:00
q3k 7480879222 devtools: deploy hackdoc&depotview
Change-Id: If7ee65a99fae29f5015bb8ee8bb23e83c0f7dd3a
2020-04-13 01:39:33 +02:00