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q3k 82fc1318e2 bgpwtf: edge01: repurpose wireguard tunnel for fmt
Change-Id: Ib36048a83641b62210ad0d63b7b7ecda999da542
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1201
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-12-13 22:30:46 +00:00
q3k 767f031898 bgpwtf: fix edge01 DNS blackholing
The grapevine says that people were being fined for not supporting a
punycode domain. This was broken in rsh-unbound, so I had to fix it. I
then also realized we never were reloading unbound, so some changes
might've been slow to propagate.

Change-Id: Ie461a2ba27b5f447654a70f56bd73d3732b256ee
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1180
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-12-08 14:12:07 +00:00
q3k b754fee4e3 bgpwtf: edge01.waw: add new customer network
Change-Id: I057a93d543694300483f690598380329782f2876
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1175
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-12-08 14:12:07 +00:00
implr eca1e080d7 calico: restore CNI_NET_DIR
Change-Id: I04e17f8639505f5b7cc42e86392abc175b7922db
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1178
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-12-03 03:10:13 +00:00
implr 12f176c1eb calico 3.14 -> 1.15
Change-Id: I9eceaf26017e483235b97c8d08717d2750fabe25
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/995
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-11-20 22:12:52 +00:00
noisersup e999b4f726 personal: Critical fix
Change-Id: If7e6d2db8d99e62b7be64b7e06b69f3e767b7410
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1177
2021-11-15 21:05:10 +00:00
q3k 81fc7d8f0d *: gazelle: switch back to go_default_library convention
Change-Id: I888c2aa1b108b3e9845072ae7670d9db77e97c8f
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1173
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-28 23:40:46 +00:00
informatic 6c69fcdbc9 hswaw/machines/customs: rework checkinator build
Change-Id: I4ec569c5966f65f46f48a3707842a1fe9d483e16
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1171
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-20 20:58:16 +00:00
informatic 6f6187c61c hswaw/machines/customs: unpin hscloud/nixpkgs in certain modules
Change-Id: I1c02a485b76955e3de3859fca4d6c7e8e69ef09b
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1170
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-20 20:58:16 +00:00
informatic b6bc3e69b9 hswaw/machines/customs: upgrade to workspace nixos-unstable 2021-08-11
Change-Id: I6eb4408d40e14f24ebbe3f9f3aef0be952b44e8b
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1167
Reviewed-by: vuko <vuko@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-20 20:58:16 +00:00
informatic a01905ae64 hswaw/machines/customs: check in code.hackerspace.pl/vuko/customs
Change-Id: Ic698cce2ef0060a54b195cf90574696b8be1eb0f
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1162
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-20 20:58:16 +00:00
q3k 0f8e5a2132 *: do not require env.sh
This removes the need to source env.{sh,fish} when working with hscloud.

This is done by:

 1. Implementing a Go library to reliably detect the location of the
    active hscloud checkout. That in turn is enabled by
    BUILD_WORKSPACE_DIRECTORY being now a thing in Bazel.
 2. Creating a tool `hscloud`, with a command `hscloud workspace` that
    returns the workspace path.
 3. Wrapping this tool to be accessible from Python and Bash.
 4. Bumping all users of hscloud_root to use either the Go library or
    one of the two implemented wrappers.

We also drive-by replace tools/install.sh to be a proper sh_binary, and
make it yell at people if it isn't being ran as `bazel run

Finally, we also drive-by delete cluster/tools/nixops.sh which was never used.

Change-Id: I7873714319bfc38bbb930b05baa605c5aa36470a
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1169
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-17 21:21:58 +00:00
informatic 20c6bcb730 hswaw/laserproxy: limit nix rebuilds
Change-Id: I6d8208b46524adf6542a1164910f3b7818f47910
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1168
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-17 20:15:49 +00:00
informatic 9a89343985 hswaw/ldapweb: bump version
This release removes Let's Encrypt DST Root CA X3 pinning and adds
dynamic secret key generation.

Deployed to production on 2021/10/09

Change-Id: I2b88dc9ab6b67d1c3af277d673702c6a1b3188db
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1161
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-16 22:57:57 +00:00
q3k f3e6f8f3d7 ci_presubmit: don't rely on tools/install.sh and hscloud_root
Let's make things simpler and just build/run stuff that we deem

Change-Id: I356efaac4c8af276aaaa0a141a70f35da19c6957
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1166
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-16 21:24:47 +00:00
q3k f1dc4d87d8 env.sh: remove hscloud_nixos
This is not used anymore.

Change-Id: Ic69cd2a9889a992086feb3b55aeec6268c152824
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1165
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-16 21:24:40 +00:00
q3k a16af2db91 ops/machines.nix: inject workspace
This makes the hscloud readTree object available as following in NixOS

  { config, pkgs, workspace, ... }: {
    environment.systemPackages = [

Change-Id: I9c8146f5156ffe5d06cb8408a2ce632657990d59
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1164
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-16 21:24:22 +00:00
q3k ae2886ba10 hswaw/laserproxy: fix nix build
This bitrot at some point. Now it's all freshened up.

Change-Id: Ia7df1ccd9b39d9180131452e9bf18d0fb8fa50d5
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1163
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-16 18:46:25 +00:00
q3k 3e2a5a5957 third_party/go: add filippo.io/age
You can test this using:

   bazel run '@io_filippo_age//cmd/age'

The same target can now be used in data dependencies for secretstore
(you'll need to hardcode the runfile path, or use some
Bazel-runfile-resolving library for Python).

This required adding a few dependencies to
third_party/go/repositories.bzl, but also moving golang.org/x/crypto
from that file into WORKSPACE, before gazelle_deps gets loaded (as the
version requested by gazelle_deps is too old). We also moved shlex that
shouldn't have been in WORKSPACE into third_party/go/repositories.bzl.

Otherwise, this was just a few small deps - bumped golang.org/x/crypto,
new golang.org/x/term, new filippo.io/edwards25519. Hooray low
dependency code.

Change-Id: I0e684d88efffde13a3b4e253860aabcb35a3c94d
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1158
Reviewed-by: patryk <patryk@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 20:18:25 +00:00
q3k d01f9e5fa2 WORKSPACE,third_party/go: reformat
Change-Id: If263013bd9a544696ee2530688f7f7d4ded49a92
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1159
Reviewed-by: patryk <patryk@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 20:17:12 +00:00
q3k 3b67afe81b cluster/certs: refresh
Change-Id: I2aa8fead4427b917afa4758ea0078125d9c4e914
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1153
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 19:58:35 +00:00
q3k a5b0c13228 edge01: deploy kkc wireguard tunnel (never used)
Change-Id: I5f61f00029ac9e86cd4fdcc390d16ec7fa081f51
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1157
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 18:50:51 +00:00
q3k 848db46bc0 m6220-proxy: make cli iface into library
Change-Id: Ieededb08a930d7b862575cc569d467cdd93e3e0d
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1156
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 18:50:27 +00:00
q3k 3943744814 WORKSPACE: reformat, add novnc
Change-Id: I0162f3a704967cac4c20ec23f962a9be5c210490
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1155
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 18:50:27 +00:00
q3k c429b5385a third_party/go: bump go-netbox
Change-Id: If88259dc10529b45d108c61f1ebfa097844b5bc6
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1154
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-10-07 18:50:27 +00:00
noisersup ea3d34354c testing markdown
Change-Id: I143c04b14d2749dca71278999cd10e13ad2fd355
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1152
2021-09-28 15:08:48 +00:00
noisersup b83779a499 Best server
Change-Id: I3da422644b3eb49d23d94f4ea719e2d0c2b0fb3d
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1151
2021-09-28 15:06:47 +00:00
informatic 94b080d375 devtools/hackdoc: fixup rendering on mobile
Change-Id: If587defdc0bf1d7c5491c328803289b9e75ba918
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1148
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-18 20:23:34 +00:00
q3k 9fcce22ef3 bgpwtf/oob: fix markup
Change-Id: I8676fb58ea79d9d37989c1afd03543842cb4fa1b
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1149
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-18 11:45:07 +00:00
informatic 77af94df2f app/matrix: add healthchecks, increase generic workers
Change-Id: I1605919d52c69044963082bbf094ff2ece902471
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1147
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-16 21:47:39 +00:00
informatic f56db19385 app/matrix: bump synapse do 1.42.0, enable public room browsing
Change-Id: Idf5a2e7bdcff89c0093908b17afc455e2768694b
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1146
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-16 21:47:39 +00:00
informatic cf3d8481fd app/matrix: upgrade element-web to v1.8.5
riot-web containers are no longer published.

We shall also readjust our internal naming for matrix web client from
riot to something more generic at some point.

Change-Id: Ice85af3ae29b587c13a3ba27d13c9bd655d7fcfd
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1145
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-16 18:57:08 +00:00
informatic 21c8cd6833 app/matrix/matrix.hackerspace.pl: finish matrix-media-repo rollout
Change-Id: I7acc34c82c8ffe1334bb9201b993a410eb517b63
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1144
Reviewed-by: informatic <informatic@hackerspace.pl>
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-16 18:57:08 +00:00
q3k ebe6075556 app/matrix: media repo proxy init
This implements media-repo-proxy, a lil' bit of Go to make our
infrastructure work with matrix-media-repo's concept of Host headers.

For some reason, MMR really wants Host: hackerspace.pl instead of Host:
matrix.hackerspace.pl. We'd fix that in their code, but with no tests
and with complex config reload logic it looks very daunting. We'd just
fix that in our Ingress, but that's not easy (no per-rule host

So, we commit a tiny little itty bitty war crime and implement a piece
of Go code that serves as a rewriter for this.

This works, tested on boston:

    $ curl -H "Host: matrix.hackerspace.pl" | file -
    /dev/stdin: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01, aspect ratio, density 1x1, segment length 16, baseline, precision 8, 650x300, components 3

(this address is media-repo.matrix.svc.k0.hswaw.net)

But hey, at least it has tests.

Change-Id: Ib6af1988fe8e112c9f3a5577506b18b48d80af62
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1143
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-16 18:57:08 +00:00
informatic 8b9c8f9a03 app/matrix/matrix.hackerspace.pl: deploy matrix-media-repo
Change-Id: If80335595190cf2e22cc2ef5d5f305b70e09d5d7
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1142
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-16 18:57:08 +00:00
informatic 122d5e5864 app/matrix: matrix-media-repo RGW-based media storage
Change-Id: I459bd78eee52fd349a16f31a48346d3258ef50a4
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.hackerspace.pl/c/hscloud/+/1081
Reviewed-by: q3k <q3k@hackerspace.pl>
2021-09-15 21:12:34 +00:00
informatic 0e6c6720d9 Merge "app/matrix/matrix.hackerspace.pl: pin synapse media-worker container version" 2021-09-14 20:58:53 +00:00
informatic e839f95079 cluster/kube/k0: add matrix and informatic personal ceph users
Change-Id: Ied8d474709b8053e9fc339435d3ca1ca5fdfa710
2021-09-14 22:21:22 +02:00
informatic 2e191eae7b app/matrix/matrix.hackerspace.pl: pin synapse media-worker container version
We keep this pinned to older version to prevent unneeded media container

Change-Id: I221237d3f88720779572fd972e8ada65e829864d
2021-09-14 22:19:44 +02:00
informatic dcb131fdc2 Merge "app/matrix: appservice-irc v0.29.0 upgrade" 2021-09-14 20:19:15 +00:00
informatic 91faf5bc3d Merge "shell.nix: add missing gnupg" 2021-09-14 20:19:07 +00:00
q3k 719ab840c5 Merge changes Ia92c99e1,I4dca55a7,I4ed014d2,I96c3c18b,I08e70425
* changes:
  cluster/kube: always enable flexdriver
  cluster: k0: move ceph-waw3 to proper realm/zonegroup
  cluster/nix: k0: enable rgw on osds
  cluster: k0: upgrade to ceph 16.2.5
  cluster: k0: bump rook to 1.6
2021-09-14 19:53:17 +00:00
q3k 4b8ee32246 cluster/kube: always enable flexdriver
Documentation says [1] this is disabled by default in 1.1, but that
documentation kinda lies [2].

[1] - 235d5a384b/Documentation/flexvolume.md (ceph-flexvolume-configuration)

[2] - 64e28af741 (diff-d1eb5cba50e3770b61ccd3c730cd40514053e1da0233dfe09b5e7967e76a2a6cL424-L425)

Change-Id: Ia92c99e137ed751db62c0f56d42c4901986d0bb8
2021-09-14 21:39:39 +02:00
q3k 38f72fe094 cluster: k0: move ceph-waw3 to proper realm/zonegroup
With this we can use Ceph's multi-site support to easily migrate to our
new k0 Ceph cluster.

This migration was done by using radosgw-admin to rename the existing
realm/zonegroup to the new names (hscloud and eu), and then reworking
the jsonnet so that the Rook operator would effectively do nothing.

It sounds weird that creating a bunch of CRs like
Object{Realm,ZoneGroup,Zone} realm would be a no-op for the operator,
but that's how Rook works - a CephObjectStore generally creates
everything that the above CRs would create too, but implicitly. Adding
the extra CRs just allows specifying extra settings, like names.

(it wasn't fully a no-op, as the rgw daemon is parametrized by
realm/zonegroup/zone names, so that had to be restarted)

We also make the radosgw serve under object.ceph-eu.hswaw.net, which
allows us to right away start using a zonegroup URL instead of the
zone-only URL.

Change-Id: I4dca55a705edb3bd28e54f50982c85720a17b877
2021-09-14 21:39:39 +02:00
q3k 18084c1e86 cluster/nix: k0: enable rgw on osds
This enables radosgw wherever osds are. This should be fast and works
for us because we have little osd hosts.

Change-Id: I4ed014d2790d6c02a2ba8e775aaa1846032dee1e
2021-09-14 21:39:39 +02:00
q3k 085a8ff247 cluster: k0: upgrade to ceph 16.2.5
This was fun. See b/6 for a log of how swimmingly this went.

Change-Id: I96c3c18b5d33ef86523b3506f49a390419e9ca7f
2021-09-14 21:39:39 +02:00
q3k 464fb04f39 cluster: k0: bump rook to 1.6
This is needed to get Rook to talk to an external Ceph 16/Pacific

This is mostly a bunch of CRD/RBAC changes. Most notably, we yeet our
own CRD rewrite and just slurp in upstream CRD defs.

Change-Id: I08e7042585722ae4440f97019a5212d6cf733fcc
2021-09-14 21:39:37 +02:00
informatic 0f26c4afbc app/matrix: appservice-irc v0.29.0 upgrade
Change-Id: I5b09b3e861442c0b8579abdbeff8983ab1ec0208
2021-09-14 20:00:42 +02:00
informatic 0c59cb33af shell.nix: add missing gnupg
This should fix secretstore on NixOS

Change-Id: Id86b0e920bef82f08a67a84e59d37d6f8737d83f
2021-09-14 20:00:42 +02:00
informatic 5cc64bf60e Merge "app/matrix: bump synapse to 1.37.1" 2021-09-14 17:51:07 +00:00