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@ -74,3 +74,41 @@ You can then start `arista-proxy` with default flags and talk to it via gRPC:
alias grpc-dev="grpc -cacert $(pwd)/pki/ca.pem -key $(pwd)/pki/client-key.pem -cert $(pwd)/pki/client.pem"
grpc-dev test.arista-proxy.svc.cluster.local:42000 proto.AristaProxy.ShowVersion
Debug Status Page
The `debug_address` flag controls spawning an HTTP server useful for debugging. You can use it to inspect gRPC request and view general status information of the proxy.
./arista-proxy -help
Usage of ./arista-proxy:
log to standard error as well as files
-arista_api string
Arista remote endpoint (default "http://admin:password@")
-debug_address string
Debug HTTP listen address, or empty to disable (default "")
-listen_address string
gRPC listen address (default "")
-log_backtrace_at value
when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace
-log_dir string
If non-empty, write log files in this directory
log to standard error instead of files
-pki_realm string
PKI realm (default "svc.cluster.local")
-stderrthreshold value
logs at or above this threshold go to stderr
-tls_ca_path string
Path to PKI CA certificate (default "pki/ca.pem")
-tls_certificate_path string
Path to PKI service certificate (default "pki/service.pem")
-tls_key_path string
Path to PKI service private key (default "pki/service-key.pem")
-v value
log level for V logs
-vmodule value
comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging