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* Some new examples. New tests. Small improvements.importsJustyna Ilczuk2013-01-127-4/+144
* Arrays!Justyna Ilczuk2013-01-101-1/+1
* I repaired broken tests.Justyna Ilczuk2013-01-103-30/+18
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* Some test for function functionality and minor changes in other stuff.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-302-2/+57
* I began implementing function functionality and I apply some changes toJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-302-2/+14
* Silly mistake, and lots of fun, heh :PJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-285-62/+23
* Old, outdated part of project has been removed.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-281-12/+7
* Logical expressions are successfully implemented.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-221-8/+3
* Almost done!Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-221-1/+8
* I do tests for evaluating logical expressions. Sadly I enounteredJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-223-23/+76
* Logical and and or is ready to use now.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-222-0/+59
* Ready to merge visit branch with master!Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-221-1/+1
* Inspector can inspect ASTElements, as for now, only basic expressionsJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-212-7/+41
* This crazy setup compiles. However I encountered some problems withJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-182-4/+12
* Tidying up main function. Moving tests.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-182-0/+89
* Preparing test, and classes to work using new structure.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-182-1/+28
* More work on implementation of Inspector. I started writing tests forJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-182-0/+41
* Test manifest.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-171-0/+26
* More on todos. Nothing important.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-172-3/+3
* variabuls und stuffJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-081-1/+0
* Some crap removed. New classes for nodes added.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-042-66/+0
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* Test framework - strongly modified by myself... some (actually little) tests.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-047-0/+233