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* Some documentation and little refactoring.Justyna Ilczuk2013-01-041-15/+39
* Bug with passing variables to funcitons resolved.Justyna Ilczuk2013-01-011-1/+2
* Functions seem to work. Additionaly unary expressions :>.functionsJustyna Ilczuk2013-01-011-1/+2
* Functions work if given right arguments ^^.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-311-2/+2
* I began implementing function functionality and I apply some changes toJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-301-3/+3
* Old, outdated part of project has been removed.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-281-9/+9
* Logical and and or is ready to use now.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-221-0/+1
* Ready to merge visit branch with master!Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-221-2/+1
* If statements and postfix expressions like function calls, yeah!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-091-0/+1
* variabuls und stuffJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-081-7/+6
* It's alive and looks like it also works.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-071-2/+5
* It's alive!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-061-3/+5
* Lots of stuff done in AST. But still not close to finish.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-051-8/+11
* wtf gitJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-051-8/+8
* AST small changesJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-031-2/+6
* Some stuff with multiline interactive parsing and with character literal lexi...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-171-2/+2
* Multiple lines in interactive mode.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-081-2/+3
* Bug with brackets in parsing resolved.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-041-1/+2
* I did some migration to eclipse. Old code-blocks version still exists. I inst...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-031-0/+45