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* Some test for function functionality and minor changes in other stuff.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-301-0/+139
* I began implementing function functionality and I apply some changes toJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-301-139/+0
* This crazy setup compiles. However I encountered some problems withJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-181-1/+1
* I was having fun with oxygen trying to do some documentation.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-171-11/+21
* variabuls und stuffJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-081-0/+1
* AST part moved into AST folder.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-171-7/+15
* Test framework - strongly modified by myself... some (actually little) tests.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-041-5/+11
* I did some migration to eclipse. Old code-blocks version still exists. I inst...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-031-0/+114