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* New class for variables. It's much more appropriate than storingJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-1710-47/+96
* More on todos. Nothing important.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-1713-18/+19
* some refactoring in basic structure of AST, mainly destructorsJustyna Ilczuk2012-12-1717-100/+1863
* Simple unescaping strins.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-162-1/+48
* I added simple float usage.Justyna Ilczuk2012-12-163-6/+44
* While node works! != operatorJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-108-5/+65
* Native functions like sine and cosine!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-106-24/+151
* Repeat works as it should. Assigning arguments to functions.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-105-2/+39
* Somethings wrong with assignments in "repeat".Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-093-4/+13
* Better assigning and usage in functions.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-098-9/+125
* If statements and postfix expressions like function calls, yeah!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0915-74/+252
* No more eclipse metadata in git repo.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-091-0/+1
* Merge branch 'devel'Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0962-462/+1382
| * Deleted crap.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0948-894/+0
| * More on declarations :).develJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0920-39/+88
| * Declaration stuffJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0917-79/+288
| * handles variables, doing calculations and adding stringsJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-089-7/+63
| * variabuls und stuffJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0829-96/+303
| * It's alive and looks like it also works.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0718-33/+262
| * It's alive!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0631-92/+420
| * Lots of stuff done in AST. But still not close to finish.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0516-41/+201
| * More work on AST structure. I created a general type of object calle SenchaOb...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-059-18/+147
| * wtf gitJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0569-364/+162
* | Deleted call crap.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0975-649/+0
* | Gitignore debug crap.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-091-0/+2
* AST small changesJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-12-0316-12/+137
* Small changes in interactive mode. No problems with levels of depth now, hope...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-1819-34/+114
* AST part moved into AST folder.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-1714-7/+277
* Some stuff with multiline interactive parsing and with character literal lexi...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-1719-131/+559
* Multiple lines in interactive mode.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-0819-20/+147
* Small changes in interactive mode.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-0510-3/+26
* Some crap removed. New classes for nodes added.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-0416-104/+118
* Bug with brackets in parsing resolved.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-0413-15/+100
* Interactive mode, bug with looping while parsing some incorrect input correct...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-049-31/+93
* Removed some unnecessary files.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-046-15/+39
* More tests for lexer. Some improvements in test framework.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-045-0/+0
* Test framework - strongly modified by myself... some (actually little) tests.Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-0478-13/+2563
* I did some migration to eclipse. Old code-blocks version still exists. I inst...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-11-0347-11/+1212
* Now, lexer can deal with character literals with white spaces, hurray!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-10-2912-35/+60
* There was a bug in a lexer connected with operators. A... and return in parse...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-10-288-19/+31
* Some small changes in tests. There's a functionality I wanted to build, but s...Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-10-283-9/+12
* i've got kind of lexer and parserfJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-10-2817-0/+744
* I like writing in vim!Justyna Att Ilczuk2012-10-131-1/+1
* dupaJustyna Att Ilczuk2012-10-131-0/+10