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+for example:
+adding variable to context
+seting variable values by multiple assignment
+parsing, parsing, parsing!
+I should begin with small things. For example... designing some input files, which
+then tokenized should be parsed. Really simple stuff. And then I should check AST.
+What actually has been build? Maybe for this kind of stuff visitor patter would be appropriate.
+Visitor as a tester... hm... it goes around and remembers data. Different kinds of visitors. Not so bad
+idea, actually. But that imposes some change in design. Actually not so bad changes.
+So - designing input file
+parsing input, creating AST
+visiting AST, and getting data from it, comparing acquired data to data, we want to get
+Smaller parts like creating AST Nodes. I don't know, for example some parts of parser. Maybe those parts
+should become standalone functions, to be tested more easily?
+What's more?
+My lexer doesn't have enough tests, i think. More tests! For example, given, acquired, desired.
+And em, It'd be nice if I could run test from console like ./Sencha-lang --run-tests or something.