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develMore on declarations :).Justyna Att Ilczuk10 years
functionsFunctions seem to work. Additionaly unary expressions :>.Justyna Ilczuk10 years
importsSome new examples. New tests. Small improvements.Justyna Ilczuk10 years
masterMore documentaaaaation.Justyna Ilczuk10 years
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2013-01-12Some new examples. New tests. Small improvements.importsJustyna Ilczuk14-12/+230
2013-01-12Small changes in Array. New programming examples. Comments enabled.Justyna Ilczuk7-42/+114
2013-01-10Arrays!Justyna Ilczuk14-29/+184
2013-01-10Begginnig of arrays. First arrayification on strings.Justyna Ilczuk2-0/+78
2013-01-10I repaired broken tests.Justyna Ilczuk12-35/+36
2013-01-07Small changes in paths in import.Justyna Ilczuk2-3/+11
2013-01-07Imports works somehow. Another small improvements.Justyna Ilczuk8-26/+159
2013-01-07Pretty naive import implementation. Still not complete.Justyna Ilczuk2-0/+72
2013-01-07RepeatStatement runs okay in functions now.Justyna Ilczuk4-31/+17
2013-01-04More small improvements.Justyna Ilczuk4-6/+23