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develMore on declarations :).Justyna Att Ilczuk10 years
functionsFunctions seem to work. Additionaly unary expressions :>.Justyna Ilczuk10 years
importsSome new examples. New tests. Small improvements.Justyna Ilczuk10 years
masterMore documentaaaaation.Justyna Ilczuk10 years
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2013-01-01Functions seem to work. Additionaly unary expressions :>.functionsJustyna Ilczuk11-50/+135
2012-12-31slsjflJustyna Ilczuk5-8/+41
2012-12-31Functions work if given right arguments ^^.Justyna Ilczuk37-198/+209
2012-12-30More on context manager.Justyna Ilczuk4-75/+146
2012-12-30Some test for function functionality and minor changes in other stuff.Justyna Ilczuk6-7/+213
2012-12-30Nothing importantJustyna Ilczuk1-2/+1
2012-12-30I began implementing function functionality and I apply some changes toJustyna Ilczuk25-231/+199
2012-12-28Silly mistake, and lots of fun, heh :PJustyna Ilczuk11-152/+57
2012-12-28Refactoring parser methods. Adding more suitable constructorsJustyna Ilczuk10-217/+59
2012-12-28Formatting.Justyna Ilczuk1-318/+269