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masterdatabase handling works perfectly nowJustyna Ilczuk10 years
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2013-04-26database handling works perfectly nowHEADmasterJustyna Ilczuk5-7/+47
2013-04-26Some problems with sql to get all books. I need internet connection to fix it...Justyna Ilczuk2-24/+73
2013-04-26names of methods in statementBuilder are simpler nowJustyna Ilczuk1-10/+10
2013-04-26More implementation of db handling and testsJustyna Ilczuk7-39/+292
2013-04-25More implementation of DB handling and tests for itJustyna Ilczuk4-6/+307
2013-04-24Classes author and book to store data of books. Some changes in gui.Justyna Ilczuk5-31/+463
2013-04-06Wrum, wrum, wrum. Some silly tests.Justyna Ilczuk3-6/+144
2013-04-06Wrum, wrum, wrum. Java is awesome at parsing binary files.Justyna Ilczuk8-0/+737
2013-03-24I constructed basic scaffolding.Justyna Ilczuk11-0/+4948
2013-03-24Just created repository and readme file.Justyna Ilczuk1-0/+1