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* Tell us who is still theremainRobert Gerus2022-01-162-13/+39
* We can into jitsi nowRobert Gerus2022-01-164-1/+271
* ArchaismRobert Gerus2022-01-162-3/+3
* Do not hardcode connection parameters anymoreRobert Gerus2022-01-084-39/+126
* Some initial work towards having actual plugins.Robert Gerus2022-01-083-6/+27
* Split things away from just a single .go fileRobert Gerus2022-01-073-148/+158
* Actually use the ZWSRobert Gerus2022-01-071-1/+1
* Wrong channel.Robert Gerus2022-01-071-2/+2
* Add ZWS into nicknames to prevent unnecessary highlightsRobert Gerus2022-01-071-1/+12
* Add gomod2nix.toml for nix packagingRobert Gerus2022-01-031-0/+55
* initial working versionRobert Gerus2022-01-033-0/+197