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* Get precise info from CI about tests.Robert Gerus2015-12-091-1/+2
* Adjustments to before_install according to docs.Robert Gerus2015-12-071-1/+7
* Install and run kyototycoon before running tests.Robert Gerus2015-12-071-0/+3
* We only use go1.5 anyway now.Robert Gerus2015-12-071-2/+0
* Try again with overalls.Robert Gerus2015-12-061-1/+3
* Enable integration.Robert Gerus2015-12-061-1/+4
* Do away with go1.2.Robert Gerus2015-11-191-1/+0
* Remove platforms we don't test or run on anyway.Robert Gerus2015-11-181-5/+0
* „Test” code in subdirectories.Robert Gerus2015-11-121-1/+1
* Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ships with golang-1.2Robert Gerus2015-11-121-2/+0
* Try and try again.Robert Gerus2015-11-121-4/+6
* Fix .travis.ymlRobert Gerus2015-11-121-1/+5
* Add .travis.yml for Travis CI integration.Robert Gerus2015-11-121-0/+15